Advacing ISR in a Complex and Hostile Global
Maritime Domain

Over the past fifteen years the Maritime ISR Global symposium has built a reputation as a key strategic forum for thought leaders in the navy, marines and coast guard to address their operational challenges and acquisition interests, from national level maritime policy to naval ISR concept development and programme design. The event welcomes 150 military and industry partners and allies and encourages the strengthening of international networks and interoperability towards a unified and effective ISR enterprise in a complex and hostile global maritime domain.

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Maritime ISR Global Forum Objectives:


Understand how to better process, exploit and disseminate gathered information, taking advantage of enhanced data analytics to deliver decision-making superiority for your maritime forces


Implement enhanced information-sharing with your operational partners, force multiplying regional and national capabilities to eliminate gaps in coverage and establish a collaborative approach to reconnaissance


Develop multi-role capabilities for your ISR assets, allowing you to support a diversion mission brief that includes counter-narcotics, counter-illegal migration and EEZ protection operations


Discover how to interface high-resolution geospatial technology with your other ISR assets, in order to deliver persistent surveillance and to support a multi-domain approach to intelligence-gathering


Leverage and integrate multiple remote sensors, including hyperspectral imaging, UAVs and advanced radar, and use them to augment the range, accuracy and coverage of your existing maritime patrol aircraft, in readiness to identify detection-resistant threats

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