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The maritime domain plays host to some of the greatest threats to international security. As Mediterranean nations continue to tackle illegal migration – nearly 16 000 migrants have arrived on Italian shores since January – the wider ISR community must do battle with piracy, drug smuggling and illegal fishing. The operational in-tray is overflowing, with commanders requiring multi-role capabilities that can deliver persistent surveillance for a range of missions. 

Industry has worked hard to realise a networked, multi-platform approach to maritime intelligence-gathering. Now more than ever, operators can take advantage of a range of sophisticated sensors, which can plug in to the broader network to deliver high-resolution coverage.

As data linkage approaches maturity, data exploitation takes a front seat. Maritime ISR cannot afford to ignore the need for a robust PED function, capable of processing multiple data sources to support intelligent and rapid decision-making. For the operators who are not supplanted by intuitive data analytics, effective training will be key. Only then can they meet the challenge of delivering accurate surveillance to support global maritime security, no matter the challenge at hand.

Join us in Rome for the 15th annual Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance summit, as over 150 members of the ISR community target multi-role capabilities for a multi-threat environment.

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Understand how to better process, exploit and disseminate gathered information, taking advantage of enhanced data analytics to deliver decision-making superiority for your maritime forces


Implement enhanced information-sharing with your operational partners, force multiplying regional and national capabilities to eliminate gaps in coverage and establish a collaborative approach to reconnaissance


Develop multi-role capabilities for your ISR assets, allowing you to support a diversion mission brief that includes counter-narcotics, counter-illegal migration and EEZ protection operations


Discover how to interface high-resolution geospatial technology with your other ISR assets, in order to deliver persistent surveillance and to support a multi-domain approach to intelligence-gathering


Leverage and integrate multiple remote sensors, including hyperspectral imaging, UAVs and advanced radar, and use them to augment the range, accuracy and coverage of your existing maritime patrol aircraft, in readiness to identify detection-resistant threats

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